Publications, Updates & Reports

We have a range of publications available on a variety of topics and interests aimed specifically at the printing industry.


These documents, reports, and surveys provide important information to help you stay one step ahead of the industry competition.


Many of these are only available to FESPA UK members free of charge. Documents such as the Print Census, Planet Friendly Guide and FESPA Technical Guides are available to non-members at a cost of €2,000.


News items on the FESPA UK website and articles in our monthly Newsletter allow you to reach out to new clients, and includes industry related articles and updates. Knowledge is power!

"The newsletter is a great way of staying up to date with market trends and to see what is going on in the industry. It has bite sized articles and information that you can look at quickly but can delve deeper into it should you wish for more information. We've been made aware of FESPA events through the newsletter that we have than attended. These events have resulted in us making some good industry connections, helped improve our systems and ultimately has saved us money." - RMC Digital Limited