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Natgraph's Biggest Yet


The long and the tall of it

The longest and the tallest driers, ever manufactured by FESPA UK Association members Natgraph, have been standing side by side in their Nottingham factory in recent weeks.

The longest dryer stretched out 37m, and was a second repeat order for a Michigan-based automotive company. The Air Force unit is the third machine for the same customer in the last two years, and required three 40ft containers to send it on its way Stateside. The dryer has now been installed and is proving to be as efficient and extremely economical as testing at Natgraph predicted. The customer order the 2nd and 3rd dryers because of the higher production speeds, elimination of contamination and economical operation of Natgraph forced air drying technology. "These dryers actually cost less to run than the gas fired units we had before, but at higher speeds and no rejects," stated the company Production Manager.