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Keencut’s New Evolution3 Transforms Manual Cutting


Keencut’s Evolution3tm sets new quality and performance standards for manual cutting machines, making accurate cutting easier than ever before. The design combines the latest engineering developments with high production standards and guaranteed 0.2mm precision cutting accuracy.

The simple, rapid and accurate alignment of materials increases productivity and saves money.

There are three Evolution3 models:
• the SmartFold which can be stowed underneath the bench
• the BenchTop which fixes to a work surface
• the portable FreeHand version

The Evolution3 features Keencut’s unique Lift-and-Hover (patent pending) technology which enables single-handed, fast and accurate alignment of all media irrespective of its thickness. A clutch device within the Lift-and-Hover system enables the clamping bar to be easily raised then lowered so it hovers just above the material surface - there is no scooping or sag. The mechanism means the cutter bar can be suspended exactly parallel to the media surface over the whole length of the cut with zero sag, even on the longest size of cutter. The sightline strip shows precisely where the cut will be made, and the clamp can then be fully engaged. The mechanism ensures guaranteed high precision accuracy with every cut.

John Walliker of JDP Solutions in Oxfordshire was one of the first to use the new Evolution3 “It’s very, very simple to use and it makes a massive difference to our productivity. The new Lift-and-Hover technology saves us a lot of time. Once the clamp is fully down there is no movement at any point. The speed of set-up and cut matters as it means that we complete more work more effectively.”

Keencut’s market-leading designers have also used their experience to revolutionise cutting tools. The new QuikSwap tool heads give the Evolution3 a degree of customisation unmatched by any other cutter. Each QuikSwap tool head is designed for a specific purpose such as general cutting, creasing or fabric cutting. The tool heads can be simply attached and removed from the cutter in seconds, ensuring ease-of-use and improved productivity. Keencut is also continuing to develop new tools to make the Evolution3 a truly future proof cutting solution.

The Chairman of Keencut, Paul Moxon, commented “Keencut leads the market in using smartly engineered products to tackle everyday print finishing challenges. The Evolution3 is a major step forward in cutter design, following heavy investment in research and development.”

As with all Keencut products, the Evolution3 is offered with a full 5-year guarantee. The cutters are constructed with heavy-duty track and all of the main components are machined by Keencut in the UK to ensure full quality control.

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