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Future Thoughts at Ritz Forum


The Association’s Industry Forum, held recently at The Ritz in London, proved a valuable and enjoyable event for delegates.

Under the banner ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’ the group was given a fascinating insight into manufacturing techniques and technology already available and what is on the horizon for print businesses. Delivering the key presentations were Nigel Knapp and Tim Andrews from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

The speakers painted a picture of a future that is daunting, challenging, exciting and, ultimately, wonderful, once companies are able to access the data to measure, control and plan the inevitable changes they will face.

During the Forum FESPA UK Association stated that it is committed to supporting its members through these changes by working with the MTC. In addition, the R&D costs of the necessary developments attract tax concessions from HMRC. A member has already received £800,000 tax rebates on such products. There may also be funding support from Government as it plans its way to Brexit.